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We see ourselves at the beginning of a new and exciting era.

New types of media and communication channels offer unprecedented opportunities and will significantly change the way we live. Many points of orientation still have to be defined.

We want to bring together these different media forms, the exciting opportunities inherent to them, and the technology to make it all work.

NEUE MEDIEN PROJEKTE closes the gaps between the idea, the need to communicate, the design concept and the technical solution to make the production or project a reality.

NEUE MEDIEN PROJEKTE was set up as a service-oriented company specialising in the technical implementation of creative ideas and media concepts.

NEUE MEDIEN PROJEKTE is part of a network of partner companies and engineers:
Designers, Interior Designer, Exhibition Organisers | Multimedia, TV and film production companies | Architects, Exhibition and fair engineers | Programmers and software engineers

NEUE MEDIEN PROJEKTE is an independent company and is not tied into commitments with suppliers or other companies.

Areas of expertise:
Broadcast, media installations, communication | Audio-visual technology for exhibitions, fairs and events | Streaming media applications | DVB playout and transmission | Satellite and cable TV distribution/contribution networks | Conferenceroom technology | Technical consultancy for multimedia, TV, film production companies | Preparation of reports and evaluation

Excellent market expertise and contacts to producers and suppliers. Overview of products on the market, the latest technology and innovations. Contacts to all service providers in Germany and Europe.

Services provided by NEUE MEDIEN PROJEKTE:

Concept Design
Consultancy on design and implementation  |  Research into technical implementation options  |  Detailed feasibility studies and cost calculations  |  Advice on and improvement of cost-effectiveness

Project Planning
Selection of suitable technology  |  Budgeting process  |  Project plan for construction phase  |  Draft and implementation plan including all documentation

Selection of partners for the construction and operation of media installations  |  Tender process and evaluation of quotes  |  Contract negotiation and awarding of projects

Implementation Phase
Project management, construction management | Interface monitoring between different systems | Time plan management and co-ordination | Cost control, controlling | Documentation, project evaluation

Servicing and operation of equipment | Maintenance, spare-part procurement | Optimising operation costs

Clients  and Reference Projects
Agencies, designers  |  Private and public TV and radio companies  |  banks, insurance companies, telecommunication companies |  architects, engineers |  Polytechnics, Universities and Associations

Systemt Description
The system informs visitors and customers of public institutions, convention centers, companies etc. about current events, conferences, reports and offers service-oriented and topically. Through the central input and the immediate distribution of data on the output screens, the information is always up-to-date. Visitors and customers can inform themselves about short-term changes, which are displayed in a comprehensive and current fashion.

Advantages of Use
Current and clear display of information; can be freely configured by the user | User-friendly operation and low training requirement | High graphic quality and good readability | Custom-designed display according to the user’s CI-guidelines | Central updating of one or several displays via a network and a data server | Use of large surface plasma displays for good readability (independent of the light situation) | Display of large amounts of data, optional with a running text display | Saving and archiving of all text in a central database | Self-updating system, records all future events and reports as well as the automatic removal of old contents

Planning, projecting and determining the costs for individual systems or extensive projects | Analysis of media-tectonic requirements and design questions | Delivery of the complete system consisting of software, PC hardware, displays and complete installation | Instructions and customer-specific adaptation | Service, expansion of existing systems, integration of existing databases and networks.

Customers, Users
Convention and congress centers, hotels | Academies, training centers | Organizations, authorities | Private and public institutions | Hospitals, cinemas, gastronomy | Temporary application at trade fairs, events and congresses

The Systems consists of
Software for the display of information | Input software (client) (Client) | Database for saving the data to be displayed as well as additional information | PCs and networks | Plasma display, TFT or CRT-monitor, video projector

Some References
The Federal Ministry of Health, Berlin | Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry | Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin | Sevenone Media und ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG | Telemesse Düsseldorf | Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Berlin | Cine-Plus Media Service GmbH, Berlin

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